Erasmus+ K1 Courses – Coaching


DATES:                                          LOCATIONS:                                        DURATION & FEE (per person)

6-10 / 5-11 April, 2020               London / UK                                       € 350 (5 days) / € 490 (7 days) 

22-26 / 21-27 June, 2020          Frankfurt / Germany                       € 350 (5 days) / € 490 (7 days)

TARGET GROUP: HEI (Higher Education Institutions) staff, school staff (primary and secondary), and staff working in Adult Education Centres

CERTIFICATES: “Certificate of Participant”, “Europass Mobility Certificate”, “Staff Mobility Agreement”, “Invoice” 


Coaching builds awareness, empowers choice and leads change. Coaching tools and strategies, therefore, are crucial to improve students’ learning process. This course provides coaching skills and tools for teachers. It aims to enhance the understanding of coaching. The main concept is to meet the expectations of students about problem solving, analytical thinking, self management and self learning. Our course supports educators in using coaching techniques and competences.


The course aims to provide teachers with:

  • General information about coaching
  • Developing the understanding of coaching
  • Basics of coaching
  • Coaching principles
  • How to adopt coaching styles
  • Acquiring coaching competencies
  • Being involved into coaching process
  • Developing personal plans focusing on coaching strategies
  • Learning how to use coaching techniques
  • Practise on coaching
  • Benefits of coaching
  • How to develop teamwork
  • Activities on topic
  • An opportunity to exchange ideas on the topic and develop links with teachers from other countries.


In the framework of Erasmus Plus Programme, we are going to develop our courses based in both theoretical and practical methodologies. We will focus on innovative approaches and practical ideas for how teachers can use coaching skills and tools in lessons. Also, what the most effective teachers are doing in this area will be shared with participants.

PREPARATION:  A detailed questionnaire to indicate teachers’ level of experience, teaching background and their own teaching methods.



  • Welcome meeting. Information about the city and general information about the programme
  • General information about coaching
  • Critical thinking about the importance of coaching
  • Why and how to apply coaching methods
  • Benefits of coaching
  • Basics of coaching & principles of coaching
  • Classroom activities such as teamwork, group discussions
  • Acquiring coaching competencies
  • History, models and curricular modifications
  • Models and innovative ways to support learning through coaching
  • How to develop personal plan focusing on coaching strategies
  • Ideas and experinces about coaching
  • Practise on coaching
  • Accommodations to make for coaching tools in the classroom
  • Sharing educational activities and providing feedback
  • Overview of the course program
  • Evaluation of the course program
  • Filling the feedback forms
  • Europass mobility certificate
  • Ceremony of certificate