Recipients of the Carolina and Awards for in state students and

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Replica Celine Greer’s Jared Laymon, a Riverside High School graduate who’s the son of Derek and Connie Laymon Replica Celine Bags, is among top students across the state and nation bound for the University of South Carolina’s most valuable and prestigious scholarship program.Recipients of the Carolina and Awards for in state students and the McNair and Horseshoe Scholar Awards for out of state students will join the USC community in August.More than 2,750 students applied for USC’s scholar awards, making it the largest and most competitive applicant pool in the university’s history.The university invited 90 scholar candidates to campus to compete for these awards. The 22 McNair and Horseshoe Scholars include students from 11 states. In state, the seven Stamps, 20 and one come from nine counties.The Award is valued at $10,000 per year for four years. Replica Celine

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